Nunuk. Snow dog. Barker Extraordinaire. Grower of so much fur

Nunuk and I go way back; 10 very long years ago I drove 5 hours to pick him up for my father in laws birthday. He was a teeny 8 week old sweet ball of husky fuzz, snuggled on my lap the whole ride back to Warrensburg which is were I was living at the time. I snuck him into my house, hiding him from my Saint Bernard and German Shepard who were not fond of outsiders. He stayed the night before delivering him to my Father in law. In the 10 years Nunuk has loved them he's sort of claimed my sister in law Cherie as his person. He sleeps at the foot of her bed and gives her all of his extra fur. During a drink break in his session Cherie reminded me about how, each spring they have to bribe him with Gatorade, during the winter he is so used to eating the snow for hydration that once its gone he refuses liquid water and dehydrates himself. Nunuk is a true Adirondack snow dog, he lays out of snow banks, digs tunnels and has to be pulled inside at night & when the temps are just too low. Now that the hot weather is here he keeps his outside time short but does enjoy an evening walk at The Dean Farm Heritage Trail, down the roada from his home in Stony Creek NY.